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Below will be listed current, past, and planned reads. While I read works in my native English, I am also attempting to read works in Polish and French (which I am currently relearning), and am considering reading works in Russian as well in order to maintain my knowledge of the language. I have been maintaining this list since the 4th of December, 2022, and thus for the sake of consistency any works previously read have not been included. If a book does not appear on this page, this does not necessarily mean that I have not read it. Planned reads are listed in no particular order. Suggested readings (sent to my email, theophagist@proton.me) are always welcome, but as my reading list is always growing, I cannot promise that I will have the time to read them!

One more remark on the ethos behind my selected readings: there is not much of an ethos at all. The hint of interest suffices for me. It hardly needs be said that interest does not imply agreement or even "like". I do not read along such threads. I believe that one needs a certain "openness" in engagement—this is not the "openness" of acceptance of all ideas, mind you, but an openness to finding a means of sharpening one's own ideas anywhere, even (and perhaps especially!) against other ideas. I also read many things on recommendation, and without much coaxing. My favorite book, which I am (at time of writing this) rereading in Polish, The Picture of Dorian Gray, I read simply on the off-hand comment of some internet stranger when I was a teenager. I think there is something wonderful in the sharing of what one finds insightful or beautiful with others, and thus am generally happy for the recommendations (not commands, however!) of others. Many of these books are here without my hardly knowing what they're about. I also often read to understand a certain subject better, regardless of whether I "like" the topic or not.

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Current Reads:

Past Reads:

Planned Reads:


AKA: writers/topics I need to look into further, but as of yet either have have no concrete titles in mind or wish to read more than I currently have or have planned