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Let's say that my name is Allan. You may have already discerned from my homepage that I am an anarchist and an absurdist. I am in Poland as a philosophy student in an interdisciplinary program, although my first language is English. Depending on the practicality of doing so, I may begin Japanese studies as well. I understand French well enough to read books and watch TV, although I have not actually spoken it in a long while. Beyond that, I speak some Russian, which I plan to maintain/improve. I am also casually studying Dutch and German—Dutch, as I am currently eyeing some interesting (English-language) Master's programs in the Netherlands, but would like to be able to speak the local language and have the possibility of continuing into doctoral studies there—German because much is written in this language that is relevant to my interests.

the statement: yeah man and when I read De la grammatologie it's because I really want to fuck the etters on a page. the reply: having read your last piece of writing I honestly would not take it for granted that this is a joke.



Shockingly, the philosophy student is interested in philosophy. Of course as a student of a European university, I am as part of this learning of Western philosphy, but I intend to learn of philosophical thought of different cultures as well—if I had to pick a focus, it would be on Japanese philosophy and its context within East Asian philosophy more broadly. I will hopefully be able to incorporate this within my interdisciplinary studies. It has already been stated that I am an absurdist. Beyond this, I am also particularly interested in philosophies of self or being and in posthumanism. To a smaller degree, I am also fascinated by the relationship between philosophy and art, particularly from a phenomenological perspective.

It is already evident that I am interested in philogy and in various languages. Our language greatly influences the way we think, and therefore I think that to gain a deep knowledge of, and immerse oneself in, other languages, is important for one who wishes to expand their own thought and properly grapple with its philosophical frameworks. Moreover, the effect of language upon our thought becomes more obvious with greater difference between languages; for this reason I wish to learn not only other Indo-European languages, but at the very least Japanese as well. Nevertheless, it is not possible for every person to know every language, and thus the subject of translation interests me as well, and I would like some day to perform literary translation. Translation is a very interesting artistic problem, for at the same time as the nuances of the original language are inevitably lost, there appears the possibility for others in the new language. It is the translator's problem to, through this, convey the concept of the original work—and for this, of course, one has to determine what is (for oneself) the work's concept.

Unfortunately, I am a video game enjoyer. Platform, adventure, and strategy games are particularly fun for me, and lately I have become interested in horror games as well. I played city builders often as a child, and they thus also hold a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, I at the moment have access to my Switch, 3DS, and shitty laptop that isn't good for much at all. I am hoping that my other consoles and my PC will be sent to my apartment here in Poland soon, but who knows.

Because I love life, I am pretty much always listening to music. I am a goth, and unsurprisingly also quite enjoy related genres (we all know... punk, post punk, coldwave, industrial, EBM) and much experimental music. But I also enjoy fun genres such as disco (particularly Italo disco and its influence on the J-pop of the 80s) and eurobeat. I also really enjoy the general area of Japanese music encompassing city pop and fusion funk.

One should, of course, have various interests. I wish to learn more, for example, about history. Language and philosophy develop within a cultural context, as does literature, and I would like to learn more about the history of Eastern Europe and the Russian Empire and the various people it has... affected. You would be correct to guess as well that I also intend to learn more of the history of Japan and East Asia. I am also fascinated by infortmation technology and want to better understand how computers work. Particularly interesting to me is the development of communications technology, such as the phone and the internet.

Reading list: past, present, and planned.


a somewhat pixelated gif of a black rose dripping blood