(more of a documentation of my progress in learning to draw than any sort of gallery)

Art is so far not a "huge" hobby of mine, and something I've very rarely done, but still something I find quite enjoyable. Here I will post "finished" sketches as well as some examples of my practice and experimentation. Some of it I quite like, some of it not so much, but I am trying to become comfortable with sharing "unfinished" and "imperfect" aspects of myself. This is one way to do so!


a pencil sketch of Albert Camus a pencil sketch of Jacques Derrida a pencil sketch of Franz Kafka

1: Albert Camus. My best sketch so far, in my opinion.

2: Jacques Derrida. ... why the FUCK does he write like that... but I really like his hair. If I can have a mane that glorious when I'm that old, I'll be happy.

3: Franz Kafka. The original babygirl.


a pencil sketch of Jacques Derrida

Dave Gahan. I forgot that I was working on this until I started making this page. Oops!


various simple sketches various simple sketches various simple sketches various simple sketches

Simple experiments and practices, mainly done during my classes.

a rough sketch of the metal fetishist from Tetsuo: the Iron Man a rough sketch of Jacques Derrida the same rough sketch of Derrida, but now with some more detail

From the same page. An experiment in how I used lines and shapes to draw. Sketched are the metel fetishist from Tetsuo and Jacques Derrida. I almost like the earlier verion of the Derrida sketch more, so I'm including a photo of it here. I can't consider either of these "finished" works by any means, but they were a good practice in terms of working on my method of drawing. I accidentally made Derrida's midface way too long, which is a bad habit I have to constantly correct; but I missed it this time :(.

a somewhat pixelated gif of a black rose dripping blood